Walk Through My Door
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Walk Through My Door

Jason stood in the living room of the penthouse for what could have been minutes or hours, he wasn’t sure. All he knew was if he didn’t move maybe she would reappear, maybe she would change her mind and walk back into his penthouse. Jason shook his head. He was never one for dreams and Elizabeth was too stubborn to change her mind that quickly. He looked around and picked up the remote to the stereo, flicking it on since he could no longer stand the silence. Funny how he’d never noticed how deafening the silence could be. He realized with the first notes that the cd playing was one of Elizabeth’s because he didn’t recognize the song. As the words began, Jason walked over to the balcony doors and stared into the night.


Sitting on my hotel bed

Pay per view running through my head

Foreign film called “missing you”

Based on a story that’s true


Trade my soul at the mini bar

Ten dollar scotch and a cheap cigar

I can’t go forward, I can’t rewind

You’re on every channel on my mind


Why don’t you walk through my door

Walk through my door

Why don’t you walk through my door

Walk through my


Elizabeth slammed the door to her studio loud enough to wake the dead bodies in the harbor. She flung her suitcase down near the couch but the force had it sliding across the floor toward her easel. She sighed heavily, wanting to stay angry as long as possible. It was the only thing that kept away the unbearable pain of losing Jason. The silence was starting to get to her. She was surprised considering that even when Jason had been around, he wasn’t a talker. It was funny how she noticed that even the quietest person made silence not seem so quiet. She sighed again and flicked on the stereo. Elizabeth had no idea what was in there. She jumped when the lightning flashed and the thunder crashed. She still wasn’t good with thunderstorms but at least the rain that pounded at her window helped alleviate the silence. Then she heard the song that was playing and let out a bitter laugh.


Outside a storm pours down

Inside my head begins to drown

One more should see me through

One more or maybe two


Now you’re just an after glow

A fading breath on a cold window

My face pressed against the pane

Tell me are those tears or are they rain

Why don’t you walk through my door

Walk through my door

Why don’t you walk through my door

Walk through my


Jason made his was quickly through the rain, knowing the path by heart. Hell, this was the first place he always came after returning to town. It was one of the few places that had ever felt like home to him. He knew that was because of the woman who lived there. He also knew that she was still afraid of thunderstorms and he’d be damned if he’d leave her to be scared alone—even if she didn’t want him around. Jason paused on the docks and looked up at her window out of habit. His heart almost stopped when he saw her face staring down at him. Was it the rain that made it look like she was crying? He never could bear to see her cry.


Slide the lock and close my eyes

Hide behind this thin disguise

Turn to kiss myself goodnight

Turn out the light


The don’t disturb sign from my door

Is hanging on my heart once more

I set the clock to half past ten

And my head to never again


Why don’t you walk through my door

Walk through my door

Why don’t you walk through my door

Walk through my


Elizabeth gasped in surprise as she looked down at the docks and her eyes locked with Jason’s. Only it couldn’t be Jason standing down there. She had left him, had walked out on him and he hadn’t made a move to stop her. Elizabeth blinked away the tears that she hadn’t even noticed streaming down her face and when she looked down again, the figure was gone. Of course, Jason would have no reason to be there now.


The knock on the door made her jump in surprise.


Elizabeth,” Jason called from the hallway, “Elizabeth, I know you’re in there and I know you’re angry. I don’t expect you to open the door but I know you don’t like thunderstorms so I’m not leaving. I’m just going to be out here if you need me.”


Jason blinked in surprise when the door flew open and he was face to face with the shocked and tear stained face of Elizabeth.

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